Major pieces of the story we missed… until now.

How could we have missed fundamental messages in the Biblical narratives after two millennia of scholarship and research? Could it be that we overlooked some of the main lessons that God was trying to show us? Could we be wrong about so much? How? The answer will not be found in newly discovered desert caves, or underneath mountains of new Biblical scholarship. Rather, the answer will be found more in simple objectivity and common sense understanding.

See for yourself. See that which we could not previously allow ourselves to see. The following short videos convey several eye-opening aspects of the Biblical narratives which we all need to consider, perhaps for the first time. The Divine Principle Study Bible brings these issues out clearly and puts them on the altar for us to consider. This unique Study Bible is an invaluable resource. Dig deeper into God’s Word. You can find the Divine Principle Study Bible on, or on Facebook, through the following links:


Scriptural Confusion via Preconception

Jesus and Which Kingdom?

Jesus Came to be Crucified or Not?

The Misunderstood Life of Jesus

Is Jesus God or Man?

Did God Create Evil?

Human Free Agency or God’s Predestination?

Jesus and Which Resurrection?